frequently asked

So you shoot film, great, but how does that work? Are you sending me a shoebox of negatives? 

Great question, but gosh no! Once we’ve finished our session, I package up your film and Fed Ex Express it to the lab that develops them. The lab then processes the film, and scans it. They send me the high resolution digital scans of your images, as well as the film negatives. Your image gallery is delivered to you as a digital gallery, complete with viewing and download capabilities. You receive all your images as digital files. Afterwards, I package up your film, and send it your way in the mail (or you can come pick it up if you’re local), and those are yours to keep.

What do I wear to a session?

What to wear is probably the most stressful question! I hear ya on that. Whether its an indoor session at the studio, or an outdoor session, I generally suggest neutral colors or pastels. Bold patterns and prints tend to be really distracting, and while they may look amazing on, they might not look as amazing in a photo. If you have any doubts about what you’re planning to wear, send me a picture! I don’t mind giving feedback, and telling you what I think. After all, I want you to love your pictures! 

I'm coming for a newborn session. When is the best time to schedule it?  

First off, congratulations on your new addition! I can’t wait to meet your newborn, and photograph them, while they are still oh so tiny. I recommend doing newborn photos in the first two weeks. Most of the newborns on my website are about 10 days old. I know as a mom this may seem really early, and in truth it really might be their first outing from the house besides going to the doctor. If you are feeling up to it, the first 2 weeks are ideal. During that time, they still sleep a lot, and are easy to position. That period doesn’t last very long! 

How long will a session take?

Family sessions take about an hour. I work fast and efficiently, and pack a lot in before kids start to lose patience.
Newborn sessions can take about two hours. Newborns need time to take a break for a bottle or to have a good cry. I make sure there is plenty of time for that, and so these sessions tend to run a bit longer.

I’m convinced my child will not cooperate. Help!

Kids will be kids. And most kids want nothing to do with pictures! I totally get that! Getting good photos of your family can seem like a real challenge. I work quickly and efficiently, so that taking photos is a fun family affair rather than a task. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for keeping things novel, and interesting, but I definitely recommend bringing snacks or treats, so that in the event of a meltdown, we have a few alternatives!

Have questions I didn’t answer? 

Send me an email at and let’s start a conversation. I’m happy to walk you through any part of the process that you’d like to know more about. 

How do I book? 

Great question! Head on over to the contact page, and send me a message about what kind of session you’re interested in, and we’ll get it on the calendar!