I keep pricing simple. I don’t believe in making you choose your very favorite image or only being able to purchase a few images from a collection. You should have them all. After all, that’s why you came.


Family, Newborn and Maternity Session Cost

There is one all inclusive fee: $595 + LA state tax. This fee covers:
Session Time
Film and Processing Fees
Full Gallery of High Resolution Images (that you can download)

Maternity + Newborn Plan

If you are planning to do both maternity and newborn photos, no need to pay full session fees for both. With the Maternity + Newborn Plan, the combined fee is :$995 + LA state tax. This fee covers:

Maternity and Newborn Session Time
Film and Processing Fees
Full Gallery of High Resolution images (that you can download).

“Words can’t describe how very grateful we are for you. You’re awesome as a person, and as a professional.”

Of course you know I think tangible products that you can feel with your hands and show to your grandmother are the most important part!!!! I offer prints in all sizes that are available in your online gallery. But I really want to gush over the gorgeous velvet albums that I offer to display your beautiful images in. These are the albums that will sit on your coffee table, that your friends will pick up and browse through when they come over, and that your kids will open up to show off pictures of themselves. These moments are why you took family photos in the first place!

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7x7 Velvet Embossed Baby Album with 20 pages, holding 40 photos: $225 + LA state tax

10x10 Velvet Family Album with 30 pages, holding 60 images: $325 + LA state tax

All albums come enclosed in a sturdy archival-safe presentation/storage box

artistry + passion

My most prized possession is a slightly blurry, poorly composed photograph. It's of my father and I, in what would end up being the very last time I saw him alive. When I look at it I don't see an image, I relive a memory, feel a rush of nostalgia for a moment in time I’ll never get back. I believe the power of visuals is profound. It's a language that allows me to tell stories through wonderful imagery while helping you leave a lasting legacy.

My name is Lucinda Flint and I would be honored to capture and preserve your unique spirit. Through my lens I document special moments with true emotion and translate them into art. My hope is they ultimately inspire, evoke a dormant memory and stir something deep within your soul.

Creativity is my craft, the camera my tool. I specialize in portrait, pet, maternity, and engagement photography.

las vegas pet & person photographer

I am a Contemporary portrait artist from California. Now living in Vegas, my work is displayed in boutiques and vet offices throughout the Las Vegas Valley. I find inspiration with every new person I meet and I have found that my adventurous spirit allows me to provide a unique experience for every client. Some of my most prized possessions are memories of the things I love within my own life. My passion and gift is creating these one of a kind moments that celebrates and embraces whoever I am photographing. I see the uniqueness that makes you, you. 

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