January 8, 2019

Hi, its Erika!

I can’t believe its 2019 already. Honestly I’m SO excited its here. I’m so excited to finally get working on this blog, and finally start showing all of the amazing families who trust me to handle their babies and take their photos.

In a nutshell, I shoot families, kids and newborns on film. Yup, that’s right old skool style film that maybe you remember, and that your parents definitely remember. I love everything about it, the click of the shutter as you take an image, the sound of the film rewinding, the weight of the camera. To me, its the best. I love that not every image is perfect, you can get beautiful, crisp images like you can with digital, but somehow there’s more depth, there’s more color, a certain something that’s just beautiful and timeless. I could talk about it all day.

I would LOVE to meet you, and your family, and take some gorgeous photos of all of you with some good ol’ film. Can’t wait to hear from you!!



Erika shoots newborns, kids and families on film in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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