August 11, 2020

The Perfect Portrait

Of course you want the perfect portrait, but some days it’s frustrating.

He doesn’t want to cooperate. He doesn’t want to hug on you. He doesn’t want to take a photo. He doesn’t want to smile, he would actually prefer to frown. He won’t look at the camera. In general he’s being the most difficult child imaginable on that very day that all you wanted was a nice picture of you and your son. And we can still do it. I don’t know what makes a perfect picture.

To me, that’s not the photo of everyone smiling at the camera, posed and looking right at me. I love a photo that is imperfect, even better if no one is looking at me. I want to see connection between the people in the photo, because to me, that’s love, that’s emotion, and that’s the picture that shows feeling beyond words. 

In studio family portrait session by Erika Parker in New Orleans
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