October 27, 2020


Hollis is a really special baby to me. I’ve known her parents for a really long time and her mom is a good friend. I shot Maryam’s maternity pictures, which I’ll be posting a bit later, when she was about a week away from delivery. During our session she was asking what I thought about shooting the delivery, and if she should hire someone to be there. She and her husband were on the fence about it, they didn’t know if it would feel intrusive, or uncomfortable to have someone there with a big camera during a really private, intimate, and not so pretty experience.

Well, long story short, Hollis came a bit early, and they hadn’t gotten their birth photographer yet. Maryam called me on a Tuesday morning, and the conversation basically went: Hollis is coming today. Is there any chance you’d want to come photography her delivery? As luck would have it, I had no plans that day (which is rare), and it was meant to be. Photographing her birth was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and here she is in her newborn session, and it feels like we’re already old friends.


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