May 18, 2021

My Absolute Favorite Family Session

This family is where it all started. I was already shooting film. If you don’t know, I shoot weddings too, and I had already been incorporating film into my wedding work for a few years. For some reason, the idea of shooting a family session or gasp! a newborn session on film was so much scarier than shooting wedding images. Kids move around, babies are squirmy, I thought film was slow… So many reasons I didn’t take that jump for YEARS. And then finally I hopped on a plane to take a class with Sandra Coan in Seattle. I adore her work, and everything she shoots is on film, and I thought I would take a class with her and learn as much as I could.

This is the very first family I ever shot on film, and I’ll be honest, I’ve never looked back. It doesn’t matter what I’m shooting, a wedding, babies, family portraits, flowers… I’m always more in love with shooting on film than I am any other way. I have to stop, I have to connect, I have to think. I can’t just click the shutter. And every time when I get my scans back, the images take my breath away. That never happened when I used to take digital images. And that’s what I want for my families. When they get their images back, I want it to stop them in their tracks, and say, “that’s us.” And I want it to be an image that speaks to them and feels real. I do this by shooting on film. Thank you, Sandra Coan and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Mother and Baby New Orleans Family Photo on Film New Orleans Family Photo on Film newborn baby new born baby family portrait - new orleans, film Dad & Daughter Dad & Daughter newborn baby family portrait - new orleans, film mother & baby


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