August 25, 2020

What to Expect When Shooting Twins

Ok, so shooting twins is like all the yummy goodness of shooting one newborn, only there are two of them. 😀 

So moms, dads, here’s what to expect when you book a session for your twins.

This will very likely take longer than if there was just one. I shoot each twin individually first. They’ll take turns, depending on who’s ready, who’s sleepy, who isn’t hungry. Generally they trade off pretty well, so it can actually go smoothly. One really great thing about shooting twins is that usually being together is comforting. If one is crying, laying next to the other one sometimes settles them.

After individual images, I always try to get some of them together, that’s a must. From there, we’ll add in siblings. The window for this can be short, but that’s ok, a couple shots is all we need. Then of course, we add in mom and dad, and try to get some of the whole family. I will admit that sessions with twins does take more time. But knowing this helps you plan accordingly.

Bring some snacks, extra bottles, and we’ll get the show on the road as efficiently as we can.

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