September 1, 2020

What If My Child Isn’t Cooperating?

Scroll all the way down 😀

Sometimes they just don’t. Sometimes little kids just aren’t feeling it. Coming to take photos is their worst nightmare. Moms and dads, it IS okay. It has actually never happened in a session that I haven’t gotten any smiles or giggles. It can take a bit of warming up to. Maybe a few snacks, maybe we sing a favorite song, but we get there.

It always works out. I’ll say it again, it always works out. On a personal note, I love some of the crying photos. That’s the photo that’ll end up in a high school yearbook, or in the slideshow at their wedding.

Horrifying at the time, but a great photo to look back at. Portraits are really about shooting your kids at the stage they’re at in life at the time you show up at my door. We love laughs, and smiles, and hugs, but we’ll take whatever we can get. 

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