March 9, 2021

When is the best time to do newborn photos?

One of my top questions, “When is the best time to do newborn photos?”

First off, let me just say: Congratulations! Your baby has arrived! And now I know you’d like to do some portraits of you new little nugget.

The best time for newborn photos is in the first 2 weeks. I know this might seem like its so early!! They’re so tiny, and often times they have only left the house to go to their doctor appointments. Is it too early? Nope it sure isn’t!!

At two weeks, they still sleep most of the time. This is when we can get those great photos of them curled up, those snuggly shots with mom and dad, and those great detail shots of baby lashes, hands, and feet. As they get older it gets harder to do those because older babies are more awake, and they wiggle around a lot more. 

If you’ve gotten to this blog post, you know that I’m not a photographer that poses your baby in unnatural positions. I don’t do babies in baskets or hammocks. I shoot babies as they are, doing things that newborns naturally do. BUT, even still, there is a big difference between shooting photos of your baby in the first two weeks vs at 3 or 4 weeks. 

But what if we missed that window because it was just too overwhelming to get it together?

No problem, I completely understand. Really I do. Babies change so much from day to day especially when they are so new. There really isn’t a bad time to do photos of them. At 3-4 weeks, we can still have a beautiful session. Slightly older babies are more likely to have their eyes open, and they have a bit more personality. They are more wiggly, and they won’t have that squishy newness, but that doesn’t make their pictures any less special.

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