March 23, 2021

Newborn Twin Portraits

Yes, you read that right – Newborn Twin Portraits!

Twins!! So exciting!!

It won’t come as a surprise that shooting newborn twin portraits take a bit more patience, and a bit more time than shooting just one baby. With one baby, I usually budget at most 2 hours for a session. With twins, it might be closer to three.

This shouldn’t discourage you, it just means come prepared. Bring lots of bottles, and extra diapers. To be honest, they take turns quite well, one child will wake up and be hungry, and while they’re being soothed, the other child can be photographed.

Laying them together usually calms them down as they were accustomed to be being close to one another. This helps too, because of course we want photos of them together!

At the end of the session, we’ll get a few shots of all of you together, and call it a day.

Newborn Twin Portraits Newborn Twin Portraits Newborn Twin Portraits Newborn Twin Portraits


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