April 17, 2021

How I Photograph Newborns

I shoot newborns in studio, just the way they are, no props, no posing. I think babies already have so much personality on their own, and there is already so much to photograph! Baby toes, baby ears, baby fingers, whispy baby hairs. I get all the details. I don’t put babies in baskets or bowls. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m not the photographer for you. I use scarves, wraps, and that’s about it. I want to focus on just baby, and create a portait that is timeless, not one that can become dated.

All my newborns are shot in my studio. The light is consistent, and I know exactly how each shot will turn out. The temperature is controlled. Newborns are especially sensitive to the heat, and to the cold. I don’t want to take a newborn outside and expose them to the elements. They’re just too tiny. Rain or shine, the studio space is very predictable.

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