October 12, 2021

Holiday Family Photos

Most families take a holiday photos, and I fully support this idea. My family never did, but I wish they had!! The only holiday photos I have are those awkward ones of everyone standing around the Christmas tree looking uncomfortable.

Christmas family photos with me aren’t your typical photos. I’m not a big fan of a row of people posed in a straight line ( especially in front of a Christmas tree ). Sure, I’ll do a few of those, but my favorite photos are ones that show the personalities of the people in them.

I photograph families because I want to show the love between people, the feelings, and the emotions. You don’t see that when everyone is standing in a row. You see that in snuggles and hugs. I’ll ask you to tickle your kids and twirl them around. I’ll ask them to look for wax in your ears. I want that laugh that you’re used to seeing when your kids giggle so hard they can’t breathe. That loving look mom gives without knowing she’s doing it.

Holiday photos? Yes, let’s do it, but know that they won’t be traditional, and I’m going to do my best for everyone to be themselves and show their real personalities.


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