October 26, 2021

Newborn Safety

Your child’s safety always comes first. I see most newborns in the first 2 weeks of their life. Scrolling through my website, and my Instagram feed, you should already have a sense of my style, and how I shoot newborns.

First off, I always shoot them indoors, in the studio. It’s a comfortable space, with room to move around. I shoot newborns in two places; either on the twin-size bed or with their parents, making sure the baby is always comfortable. I don’t shoot newborns with props. I don’t pose them in unnatural positions, I don’t put them in buckets, or baskets, and I don’t hang them in hammocks. I shoot them exactly the way that they come.

The positions I use mimic the positions the baby had in the womb. Your newborn will get some tummy time, sometimes laying on their back, and of course with you. Mom and dad are never more than about a foot away. There is no risk that the baby could fall or roll off of the bed. At the most, I’ll wrap your baby in soft blankets or scarves. These are washed every session and are clean and ready to go.

Your baby’s safety is the number one priority. While I make every effort to get achieve the photos that you’ve been wanting to have, I will never compromise an infant’s safety or comfort for a photograph.


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