November 16, 2021

What Should Dad Wear?

We spend a lot of time talking about what mom should wear, what the kids should wear, but what about dad???

I love dads in a button-down shirt, with either jeans, khakis, or nice slacks. Choose a shirt that isn’t too loud. No big bold bright colors, or really bold prints. They can be really distracting. A lot of guys like to wear polo shirts. Of course, I want him to wear whatever he feels comfortable in, but polos aren’t my favorite. While they can look really good on, sometimes they don’t photograph as well and can stick in weird places. Men can be self-conscious too! Polo shirts also tend to have logos or some kind of writing on them, which can also be distracting and doesn’t end up looking the best.

Lastly, shoes and I can’t stress this enough. Dress shoes, boots, and work shoes look the best. If you can, try not to wear running shoes or sneakers. It’s not something most people give much thought to. Most of us, including me, wear running shoes all the time. But in a photograph, they don’t look great, especially if the rest of you looks really nice.


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