November 30, 2021

What if it Rains?

It’s New Orleans. The threat of rain is very real!! But the weather (as you know) can be very unpredictable. The forecast says one thing, and then you look outside the window to sunshine and puffy white clouds. If we’re scheduled to do pictures outside, we’ll still shoot if it’s overcast, but if it’s actively wet, or actively drizzling/raining, we can always reschedule. Besides the fact that no one particularly enjoys being damp, my cameras can’t get wet. More importantly, the film can’t get wet. It’ll get damaged.

If we’re scheduled for a rainy day, we’ll touch base up until the morning of the shoot. If it looks good, we’ll go ahead with it, but if it’s looking uncertain we’ll just pick another day. If your session is at the studio, well then it doesn’t matter!! I’ll see you at your scheduled time : )


As always if you have any questions, send an email to me at




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